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  • Inside The Koch-Backed History Lessons North Carolina Wants To Teach High School Students
    “The justices who decided Cruikshank and similar cases may not have been the fathers of Jim Crow, but they were at the very least its midwives. And that is the history that the Institute’s materials leave out when they ask high school students to weigh the costs of an increased federal role against its benefits.”

  • Karen Lewis Talks Protests, Politics & Getting Back in the Mix
    “What’s been really interesting to me is that you see the same concepts emerging whether we’re talking about policing or education: compliance, obedience and a loss of dignity. I’m going to tell you what to do and if you don’t do it, I’ll just take your life. The same with schools: if you don’t do what I tell you to do, I’ll just take your school. To me, this is a very interesting co-mingling of what justice really looks like and it’s very different for different people.”

  • Memo to Karen Lewis: Until we tussle again …
    “Ms. Lewis, all of us [at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board] hope you soon become an uninteresting patient. However short or long your road, we’ll all be waiting for you. We look forward to tussling again, on your side of an issue or some other. You’ve brightened Chicago.”

  • As recruitment dips, TFA leader says New York training site to close
    Charissa Fernandez, Teach for America’s New York Executive Director said, “Teach For America is in the midst of a challenging recruitment year,” attributing the difficulties in part to “a contentious national dialogue around education, teaching in general, and TFA in particular.”

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