We caught the Governor’s attention!

McCrory’s Senior Education Advisor takes Teachers’ demand for meeting to the governor.

Yesterday, we gave Gov. Pat McCrory failing grades, and called for a meeting to discuss the state of public education.  We believe our #StudentsDeserveMore and we intend to put forward the immediate demands of 1) Fully fund public schools  &  2) Expand Medicaid at the meeting.

We caught the Governor’s attention!

Ms. Catherine Pruitt, the Governor’s Senior Education Advisor was interviewed by ABC11’s Gloria Rodriguez.  Instead of addressing our demands, she brought up teacher pay and attempted to narrow the scope of the conversation.

It goes without saying that the high quality educators our students deserve should be paid and treated as professionals. We refuse, however, the idea that our pay has to come at the expense of our students’ needs.  We agree with the majority of North Carolinians that teacher pay should be higher, we believe that can achieved in the context of expanding per pupil spending.

That is precisely what we intend to raise with Governor McCrory this Wednesday.  Ms. Pruitt, to her credit, did say that she would convey our demand for a meeting to the governor.

We are still waiting to hear back from Governor McCrory.

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