#StudentsDeserveMore MARCH buzz

Teachers Stand Up, NC Takes Notice

Check out the buzz around our announcement of the #StudentsDeserveMore March starting Jun 14th!


We know that 66% of North Carolinians support MORE funding for education.  So it’s no surprise then, that when Teachers and Parents stand up and say #StudentsDeserveMore, people take notice!


“We are Teachers and we say SHAME!”

On Wednesday, May 25th, we attended the House Education committee voting session on HB1080, the “Achievement School District” bill to state strong opposition.  The measure won in a 11-18 bipartisan vote. We shouted “We are teachers and we say shame” in response to yes votes.  


They kicked us out, but we made our presence felt, and our opposition to the bill was covered by WRAL.  We told reporters this was the last straw and we have a major announcement in response!

“We March!”

On Thursday, May 26th, we held a press conference of Educators, Parents, & Union leaders in front of the Legislative Building in Raleigh to denounce continued attacks on public education, we insisted that #StudentsDeserveMore and announced our intention to MARCH!


Millie Rosen, a Durham Co middle school teacher of 2 years, MC’d our press conference.

Kristin -PC

Creativity an innovation are not owned by charter corporations, they live and thrive within the classrooms all over North Carolina, our students need more than the budgetary scraps…they need current resources and tools, they need class sizes that support collaboration, they need more adults in the building to foster safe nurturing learning environments…[Gov. McCrory] If you continue to shut us out, know that we will not stop fighting for our students, our students deserve more and we will keep coming until we get the schools and communities they deserve. On June 14th and 15th , we’re MARCHING to Raleigh! – Kristin Beller Public School Teacher, Wake County, 12 years


It’s not just about the schools our students deserve really, it’s about the North Carolina they deserve not only do they need a thriving education system, they also need clean water and air, they need access to health care, they need parents that are paid a livable wage -Jessica Benton Special Ed teacher,Wake County, 12 years














I believe that our teachers should be supported more so that they can support our students more. Our students deserve updated books, updated technology, updated resources. My son and your children deserve, instead of tests that measure how much our teachers are worth, they should have people around them that know our child’s worth. Our leaders look us in the eye and make cuts to health care, afterschool programs and early childcare programs… [Students] deserve more in the classroom. Our Teachers deserve more. Everybody deserve more in the state of North Carolina! – Dawn Wilson, Parent & Instructional Assistant, Durham Co, 7 years

Bryan - PF

I’m marching to Raleigh on June 14th and 15th to demand a conversation with Pat McCrory. I’m marching to Raleigh… with students and parents and educators and community supporters from all over the state to have a sit down meeting with Pat McCrory and demand that he use resources to give our students the more that they deserve… the North Carolina that we deserve. [If] he tells us that our students don’t deserve those things, then he’s got to deal with us between now and November and we’re going to get rid of him in November! – Bryan Proffitt, President, Durham County Association of Educators, High School teacher, 11 years















#StudentsDeserveMore MARCH in the news!!!

On Friday, we sat down with CBS News affiliate station WNCN to discuss the upcoming #StudentsDeserveMore March in support for public education.


We got great coverage that aired Saturday morning!

















The #StudentsDeserveMore March start June 14th.  Teachers, parents, students, and community advocates from across the state plan to march over 20 miles into Raleigh and convening at the State Capitol.  Please sign up here to join us!  bit.ly/NCStudentsDeserve 

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