We [Heart] Public Schools

#WeHeartPublicSchools Although this may have been the toughest year on record for NC public school teachers, we have come together like never before to take a stand against the systematic dismantling of public schools. The November Walk-In campaign brought teachers, parents, and students together to celebrate public schools and raise awareness about their unforgivably low […]

#Decline2Sign: Follow-Up

To date, FORTY NC school boards, that’s 35% of all NC school boards, have passed resolutions opposing the General Assembly’s 25% mandate! This policy, passed last summer, asks teachers to sell their due process rights for a $500 bonus (additional bonuses have been discussed but not allocated). If your school board has not passed a […]

Gov. McCrory’s Teacher Pay Announcement 1

Gov. McCrory’s Teacher Pay Announcement updated 2/10/2014 Did you hear the news? Governor McCrory announced this morning that next year, the new base salary for public school teachers will be raised from $30,800 to $33,000. Since all NC public school teachers who have been working in our state for less than six years are currently making […]

Courage In Guilford County, #Decline2SignOn 1

Yesterday, thousands of teachers across our state took part in the “Decline to Sign” statewide day of action. Now all eyes are on the Guilford County School (GCS) Board! During a meeting last Saturday, not only did they voice their opposition to the “25% Contracts,” they openly discussed the possibility of REFUSING to offer them! The GCS […]

Decline to Sign the 25% Contracts 7

#Decline2Sign updated 1/28/2014 During the 2013 summer session, the NC Legislature (General Assembly) passed a law mandating that all NC School Boards decide which 25 percent of teachers (rounded down), who have been employed full-time by their district for at least three consecutive years, and rated “proficient” or higher on all standards of a recent […]