Schools Our Students Deserve

We believe that quality public schools are the key to the futures of our children and our communities.

For nearly a decade, public policy around education in North Carolina has been catastrophic. Thousands of educators have left our schools with no plans to return, and it has become more and more difficult to encourage talented people to work in our schools. Students are getting less attention, less personalized instruction, and fewer of the resources that they need to grow and thrive.  Our school systems and local governance structures are being fragmented and dismantled in ways that undermine democracy, increase privatization and profit opportunities, encourage segregation by race and class, and decrease real opportunities for accountability to meeting the needs of our children.

The political leadership of our state has endangered the futures of our young people and our communities.  It is time to coordinate the ongoing efforts happening around the state to mobilize the energy of North Carolinians who oppose these attacks on our schools.

We believe that quality public schools are the key to our state’s future, and if we act in concert, we can harness the power we possess to impact decision-makers.

We can, and must, win for Schools Our Students Deserve.