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A Different Version of Possibility: A Pick-Me-Up of a Post-Election Reflection 1

#BlackLivesMatter: From Our Schools to Our Streets, Educators Must Stand Against Racism As a high school teacher, my world can sometimes get quite small. 50+ hour weeks plus the need for a decent amount of sleep often leaves me with precious few hours to squeeze in exercise, eating, relationships with friends and family, and the […]

State Budget from the Legislature 1

This post was written by Nicholas Graber-Grace, 7/31/14 Leaders in the NC Legislature are trying again to fool the people of our state. They think that by claiming to raise teacher pay, people will forget about their massive tax giveaways to the wealthy, their cuts to Medicaid, and their voter suppression laws. We think that […]

Day of Action TOMORROW, June 25!

TOMORROW, June 25th, join us in Raleigh for the We [Heart] Public Schools Day of Action from the NCAE! Here is a link to the Facebook event; please invite your friends! Please bring your friends! Click here to see if others near you need or want to share a ride. Parking is FREE at NCAE headquarters, 700 […]

Mass Moral Monday TOMORROW!

Now is a critical time for us to maintain pressure on our legislators and ensure that your voice is heard. Here’s what you can do: TOMORROW, June 16, 4-7pm, join us for MASS MORAL MONDAY! If you can be there by 4pm, meet us at the bridge connecting the Legislative Building (16 W. Jones St.) to Halifax […]

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